While working at Free Agency Creative, I had the opportunity to work with Marketplace Events, facilitators of home & design shows across North America. 
Working alongside Art Director Max Olson and Creative Directors Tak Yakawa and Don Williams, we came up with a new campaign to be used across several fall home shows across Canada. The campaign "the show for every home" was born and utilized across a range of print & digital media.
Concept & Art Direction: Max Olson
Creative Direction: Tak Yakawa & Don Williams
Design & Production: Katie Johnston
I also worked with Marketplace Events to create a range of invitations and branding for various events that took place at the home shows across Canada.

The Ultimate Upcycle Challenge was presented at Home Shows in Alberta. Participants created upcycled items to be judged by a panel to win a prize.
Other various invitations to events within the home shows.

More fun stuff

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