Ext. Smallville (Bizarro World) - Changeover of Existing Backlot Set
Show: Superman & Lois S2 (The CW Network, Warner Brothers)
Production Designer: Dan Hermansen
Art Directors: Peter Ochotta, Matthew Versteeg
Set Decorator: Leor Froelich
Role: Assistant Art Director
Duties: This was a changeover of the existing series standing set "Ext Smallville - Main Street." This standing set consists of 22 storefront facades that are meant to portray downtown Smallville as Kansas.  All storefront signage needed to reflect that Superman entered the Bizarro World version of this street. Everything in Bizarro World is meant to be strange. I managed a graphics team of 3 while designing some graphics and overseeing that all graphic elements were designed, produced and installed on time. 
Original Set
Bizarro Set 
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